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1 March, 20192019

Like trees, our relationship with Christ needs a lot of help to grow!                         

This growth process is impossible to complete alone. Christ understood we, His followers, would need help if we were to succeed in this world without Him, so He made provision for us before returning to His Father.                               

Christ provides us a helper that we can receive after accepting Him as Saviour. This helper is Holy Spirit, and He dwells within us to aid in our daily relationship with Christ. He is our conscience and our comfort. He is the source of supernatural power that we need to thrive in our growth.                                                       

In addition to Holy Spirit, Christ has also given us a family of believers in the local church that we can rely on and grow with daily. Just like trees in a forest provide shelter for seedlings, the church will provide shelter and knowledge for us.               

Christ also gave us some key areas where He wants us to grow: worship, prayer, understanding and community. Each one of these produces unique fruit to strengthen our overall relationship with Christ and His church. If we lack in these areas, we will find it hard to follow after Jesus in a true relationship and will often find our walk with Him lacking purpose and impact.

Ask the Lord to open your heart, mind, and eyes to the areas you need the most growth. Ask Holy Spirit to begin to provide you strength and supernatural power in your daily walk to continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.


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God's Love

Human love says, I’ll love you as long as you meet my expectations, agree with my politics, or fit into my social circle. God isn’t like that! He didn’t wait for us to become worthy before making the first move. “God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.’ (Romans 5:8)

Jesus came to live as man, lived life here on earth, faced challenges, had hurts, felt grief. Then He underwent a most gruesome punishment, so severe it cost Him his life, for something He didn’t do. His body was put in a grave, but that isn’t the end of the story. God, Jesus’ Almighty Father who had watched everything happen to His Son, raised Jesus from the dead.

The cost/consequence of everything that is not good in this world, called sin, is death. We have all sinned / done wrong and the only way to God is to have the debt paid. So because He loves us so much, He sent His one and only Son to pay that price once and for all. All that so God could call us, each and everyone His beloved children too.

That is real, authentic, perfect Love. It is available for the taking. Want to feel that perfect love and all that comes with it? Simply ask….

“Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe that You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn away from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Saviour and know your perfect love and forgiveness.” Amen



At our Sunday 10am service, we were delighted to be able to witness Noah go through the waters of Baptism.

Water Baptism is an act of obedience to the commands of Christ. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28-19.20

Baptism declares that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. It is a public confession of your faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ. It is the next step after salvation through repentance and faith and is an important foundation for the Christian life.

Baptism is a symbol of Christ’s burial and resurrection. Our entrance into the water during baptism identifies us with Christ’s death on the cross, His burial in the tomb, and His resurrection from the dead. It shows that you love, trust and have put your hope in Christ.

“Going under the water was a burial of your old life; coming up out of it was a resurrection, God raising you from the dead as he did Christ. When you were stuck in your old sin-dead life, you were incapable of responding to God. God brought you alive—right along with Christ! Think of it! All sins forgiven, the slate wiped clean, that old arrest warrant canceled and nailed to Christ’s cross.” Colossians 2:12-14 MSG

If you have any questions or are interested in exploring your faith or baptism further, please either put a note on your Care Card or contact the Church Office during the week, so we can arrange for you to meet with a Pastor.


Summer Heat Thoughtful Word

Phew hasn’t it been hot! When we are feeling the heat, there is nothing quite like a long tall glass of iced water. Water is essential to our good health, our body is composed of about 60% water. We need it for digestion, circulation, transporting nutrients, the list goes on. Water is in fact a source of life. People, plants and animals simply can’t function well or meet potential without it. Here in Australia we know the importance of water, we are surrounded by it, live our lives near it, it is part of who we are. Whether we have access to enough of it dictates how we live and what we can achieve.

In John 4, Jesus uses water to explain our need for Him as our eternal provider of life. Jesus still extends that invitation to all men and women today, revealing where we can find the answer to our questions and the fulfillment of our desires. It is up to us, to draw from Him, His Words, to let ourselves be saturated with Him and His message. If you know what it is like to drink in His Spirit, how wonderful, but are we living out every moment sharing the Gospel? To avoid suffering thirst, we must give others that Living Water. Each moment we seek to live for Him is like drinking another drop, every gesture of love for those around us, is another sip. If we continue to give, this fountain of peace and life will pour out abundantly and never dry up. Let’s decide to intentionally share the refreshing, soul quenching, heart soothing, living water of Jesus today.