God with us

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4 December, 2018Following Jesus

GOD WITH US– not in heaven, not out of touch or out of reach, not a phantom, not a shadow, not a legend or a myth; God with us in grace, in truth, in mercy; God with us in human flesh, touchable, seeable, knowable.                                

LOVE breathing, love giving, love caring, love dying. Walking where we walk, crying our tears, knowing our pain, feeling our grief, bearing our sorrows.                                          

GOD WITH US—in the manger, in the temple, on the road, by the well, in the boat, upon the hillside, in the home, at the table, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, comforting those who mourn, speaking to the multitude and seeking out the individual; with arms extended, with words that beckon, with a voice that calls, ‘Come unto Me.”

GOD WITH US—to believe in, to follow, to proclaim, to seek, to worship, to love, to cherish forever! 

Roy Lessin