God's 10 Love Commandments

“So, what is this love for Jesus that gives rise to keeping the commandments of Jesus? Jesus has no defects. He has no demerit. Therefore, we cannot and dare not love him graciously, the way God loves us. We dare not love Him with a love that overcomes some fault or ugliness or sin in Jesus to treat Him well. No. Love for Jesus is entirely deserved. He is infinitely worthy of being loved. He is perfectly lovely. He is loved not in spite of what He is, but because of all that He is.                             

Which means that love for Him is a response to beauty and greatness and glory. It is not a response to need or weakness or defect. Which also means that love for Jesus is pleasurable. It’s desiring Him because He is infinitely desirable. It’s admiring Him because He is infinitely admirable. It’s treasuring Him because He is infinitely valuable. It’s enjoying Him because He is infinitely enjoyable. It’s being satisfied with all that He is, because He is infinitely satisfying. It’s the reflex of the awakened and new-born human soul to all that is true and good and beautiful, embodied in Jesus.               

In short, loving Jesus is not a matter of doing excellent things. It’s a matter of delighting in an excellent Savior. Jesus says doing excellent things — keeping my word — is the result of delighting in the excellent Savior. ‘If anyone loves me, he will keep my word.’”

Excerpts from John Piper www.desiringgod.org