Thoughtful Word: Courage

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2 December, 2019Christmas

Thoughtful Word: Courage

As Christmas time approaches we reflect and remember the events leading up to Jesus’ birth. When we think of Mary being spoken to by an angel she was ‘greatly troubled’ (Luke 1:29) and rightly so! Not only is a spiritual being in her presence, the message is totally unexpected and would be a shock to say the least. But the message for Mary was one offering peace and affirmation with the task that was before her. ‘Do not be afraid. You have found favour with God’.

Our hearts can stir with the stories of courageous people in the Bible, and we can admire them for their actions. Courage is needed when the task is big and some tasks, like Mary’s, were immense! But that is all well and good for those in the Bible, right? That was just a few special people that God chose to be courageous, to step out in His strength, in faith, and do what He appointed. Yes, God did appoint people to be courageous in the Bible, but guess what—He calls us today too! Courage has always been and always will be a necessary quality among the people of God. Standing for righteousness in a society that accommodates itself to evil takes courage. Spreading the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in a culture that wants to say any religion will do, takes courage. Allegiance to Jesus Christ in a world that is often against Christ, takes courage. Ignoring the negative nagging thoughts of doom that plague your mind, takes courage.                                           

However, whatever the task that is before us Jesus says to us, His followers— “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32)  Such words from Jesus and the Angel that spoke to Mary are comforting—As God’s followers, we are loved, favoured, blessed with His many gifts and the biggest treasure of all, eternal accommodation in the Kingdom of God. We can take courage and stand up and be the people we are called to be! Let’s do it, do it together and do it courageously.

O Lord, I know there are issues to face, temptations to withstand, and enemies to meet. Give me a courageous heart, that I may be firm in my obedience. For Jesus' sake, Amen