October Pastoral Care Month Week 2

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11 October, 2021

As we spend time in this month of October focussing on Pastoral Care, we see that the scriptures clearly teach that pastoral care is meant to be a corporate responsibility. The ministry of caring for each other in the church is a responsibility of the whole Body, not just to one person. (1Cor 12:24-25).

 The scriptures also teach that ‘pastoral care’ is meant for every disciple of Christ, as part of everyday living, caring is part and parcel of the mutual fellowship of believers as we encourage one-another.

Pastoral Care comes in lots of forms – formal/informal.

·        Catch up for a cuppa (before/after services on Sundays/during week)

·        Phone calls/text/message

·        Send a card/email

·        Pop in/visit/meet at café

·        Prayer

·        Practical help – meal/transport/gardening

·        Hospital visit

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