Side Gate Café is re-opening for eat-in meals

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2 August, 2020

Side Gate Café is re-opening for eat-in meals!

Monday August 3rd the café will re-open in full capacity. You will need to book to secure a place, as it will be popular and we don’t want you to miss out! 

Please be prepared to be flexible with your meal time so that we can accommodate the most people with the limited spaces available. Take-away’s still available.

Why not come in on Wednesday for lunch and stay on for the worship in the auditorium at 1:30pm? A great way to feed the soul and body!


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Australia has been a world leader in ‘flattening the curve’. But too many of our global neighbours are far worse off. Without our help, COVID-19 could infect millions more, and push over 70 million people into extreme poverty.

As Australians, and as Christians, we take care of our neighbours. It’s what we do. Join with us to encouraging our government to send vital support to vulnerable nations.

The Solutions

With your support the Australian Government can partner with global institutions, Australian NGOs and our regional neighbours, to address the worst impacts of COVID-19 on the world’s most vulnerable nations and communities.

We have some ideas around how to do this:

Start by protecting those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 and its impacts, strengthen health systems and protect essential aid programs, and help kick-start economic recovery in the region to secure a bright future for all.

Protect the world’s most vulnerable

Contribute our fair share of global humanitarian funding and increase support to crisis areas.

Prevent a second crisis of communicable disease outbreak – like malaria, ebola and polio – by increasing our investment in global health programs.

Fund equitable and timely access to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Strengthen Health Systems

Provide testing kits, PPE, information campaigns, and medical equipment.

Ensure health care is made accessible and inclusive to people with disabilities and other marginalised groups.

Continue supporting ongoing health programs that are critical and cannot stop – including water projects, maternal and child health and sexual and reproductive health.

Kick start economic recovery

Lead the safe, staged resumption of regional economic ties including increased support for Pacific workers in Australia.

Provide low-cost loans for the Pacific to finance vital health infrastructure and kick-start economic recovery.

Secure an immediate halt on debt interest payments for developing countries.