The start of a new year - 2020 Cultivating a fruitful life of faith

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27 December, 2019

As we head towards a new year, we start to reflect on the year that has past so that we can plan, refocus and set our thoughts on the new year.

John Maxwell, American author, speaker, and pastor, talks about living a life with intention.

He takes a look at words that describe a life of intentionality: actionpurposedefinitelytoday.

What do they have in common? They are all active, in the now, committed. They are the words of people who get things done, people who live intentionally.

In a bite size: the key to intentional living: daily actions focused on making a difference, large or small, in someone else’s life.

As we reflect on our spiritual vision for Marion Church of Christ in 2015 Connection | 2016 Faith | 2017 Hope | 2018 Love | 2019 Growth, we also look forward to 2020 as we personally and as a church community actively cultivate a fruitful life of faith.