Following Jesus Involves Confrontation

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11 November, 2018Riley BertramFollowing Jesus

Last Sunday Riley Bertram shared that if we are truly following Jesus then this will involve the aspect of “confrontation” and shared from the Old Testament,  in Exodus, where he outlined the life journey of a man named Moses.

We learn that Moses’s people, the Hebrews, are in slavery, under the cruel leadership of the Pharaoh of Egypt, who sends out an edict that all male Hebrew babies are to be killed. As a small baby Moses escapes the death sentence, via the intervention of Moses’s mother, the Pharaoh’s daughter and God’s guiding hand and miraculously lives in the palace of the Pharaoh.

All seems to be going well for Moses, until one day in a fit of anger Moses kills an Egyptian slave master and runs away. Many years pass and God instructs Moses to return to Egypt and confront the Pharaoh, with a message to let the Hebrew people go from the bondage of slavery.

As Riley pointed out that this would have been a very difficult situation for Moses, to return to Egypt and confront his past, but he did, with God very much travelling close beside him. As scripture tells us Moses, overcame his past.

Riley also reminded us all that we too need to confront our past and not hide from it, especially those events and areas in our lives that hold us back in our faith walk. God will journey with us, in these times, every step of the way. Thank you Riley for this wonderful message.


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