Love is Forgiving

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8 April, 2018Bill TyrieLove is ...

Last Sunday I continued with the “Love is” preaching series, that looks at the many qualities and expressions of Christian love, that the Apostle Paul outlines to us as believers in 1 Corinthians 13:1-7, and my message was “Love is forgiving.” I reflected over the story of Jesus and a woman presented to him, by the religious leaders.

They accused her of adultery and were looking to Jesus to see what he would do, would he agree in applying the laws of Moses, and hand her over to be put to death.

As we learn in the narrative, Jesus does not sanction her execution, but instead forgives her sinful actions. It reminds us that Jesus paid the final penalty for sin, through his death on the Cross and we as born again Christians, have now received the forgiveness of our sins. And just as we have been forgiven, we to need to exercise forgiveness to others. Forgiveness is powerful!

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