Special Guest Tanya Riches

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14 October, 2018Tanya Riches

On Sunday morning, it was very special to have one of the Surrender key note conference speakers, Dr Tanya Riches share at this service. She is a researcher at the Centre for Disability Studies, affiliate of the University of Sydney, as well as being a lecturer at Hillsong College.

Tanya reflected on Luke 14:16-24 where Jesus told a parable about a man preparing a great banquet. When the invitations to attend were sent out some people gave weak excuses why they could not attend. Tanya mentioned that it was too late to cancel the feast, so the servants were sent out with fresh invitations from their master, all people were to come even those on the fringes.

As she explained the master is in fact our Heavenly Father, whose heart is to see His eternal house full of people. We as born again believers are His servants and are to continue seeking the lost and to keep issuing the invitations pointing them to Jesus, as there is still plenty of room in God’s kingdom. Thank you Tanya for a wonderful message. 


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