Summer Heat Thoughtful Word

Phew hasn’t it been hot! When we are feeling the heat, there is nothing quite like a long tall glass of iced water. Water is essential to our good health, our body is composed of about 60% water. We need it for digestion, circulation, transporting nutrients, the list goes on. Water is in fact a source of life. People, plants and animals simply can’t function well or meet potential without it. Here in Australia we know the importance of water, we are surrounded by it, live our lives near it, it is part of who we are. Whether we have access to enough of it dictates how we live and what we can achieve.

In John 4, Jesus uses water to explain our need for Him as our eternal provider of life. Jesus still extends that invitation to all men and women today, revealing where we can find the answer to our questions and the fulfillment of our desires. It is up to us, to draw from Him, His Words, to let ourselves be saturated with Him and His message. If you know what it is like to drink in His Spirit, how wonderful, but are we living out every moment sharing the Gospel? To avoid suffering thirst, we must give others that Living Water. Each moment we seek to live for Him is like drinking another drop, every gesture of love for those around us, is another sip. If we continue to give, this fountain of peace and life will pour out abundantly and never dry up. Let’s decide to intentionally share the refreshing, soul quenching, heart soothing, living water of Jesus today.