2022 - Friendly Word Newsletter Sun 9 January

Hello and Welcome to the Friendly Word for Sunday 9 January.

Due to the changing space of the COVID guidelines and increasing number of cases, this Sunday's Worship Service will be at 10am only.

You are invited to join with us online - Marion Church of Christ You Tube Channel. The Countdown starts at 9.55am (Adelaide Time).

If you are unable to watch at that time, the service will be uploaded to watch at some other time.

On site attendance is still possible for those who wish to attend or are not able to connect online. It is important to remember to only sit next those with whom you reside.

This means a lot of us will be at home, and some will be on their own. We invite you to be in touch with each other and keep connected to check in with one another.

If you are in need of prayerful support, please contact either your Pastoral Carer and or the Church Office.

A phone message can be left on 8277 7388 or email the church office at admin@marioncc.org.au.

Please do keep in touch by following the links/APP/Website and socials to keep informed and up to date over the break and in particular any NEW COVID restrictions.


Church Office Team


Before entering, please review the checklist, thank you!

Have you been feeling unwell? OR…… have you had any of the following symptoms

Fever or Temperature now or in the past 3 days?

Sore throat, cough or shortness of breath?

Runny/stuffy nose or other respiratory symptoms?

Loss of smell or taste?

Have you, or a person with whom you live, been asked to self-isolate while waiting for COVID-19 test results? Was the result Positive for COVID-19?

Have you, or a person living with you been asked to quarantine due to attendance at an identified COVID Hotspot?

If you answered NO to all the above, you are very welcome to join us on stie, remembering all those who are not medically exempt from wearing a face mask are required to do so.

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, we would respectfully request that you rest at home. We would appreciate you giving us a call on 8277 7388 so that we can support you further.